Take on Project Delays with Bulldog Cartage

Project delays are always a hassle, but with the situation surrounding COVID-19, they are even more of a source for stress on the job than usual.

The construction industry may be an essential business with the majority of projects still underway, but there are still plenty of contractors and manufacturers facing scheduling shifts and delays. If that’s the case on your job, let Porter Pipe support you when you need it most with a value-added Bulldog Cartage partnership.

Bulldog Cartage has the solution for any of your unforeseen shipping, handling or storage hurdles. From last-minute deliveries, equipment re-location service and secure indoor long- or short-term storage to no notice receiving, indoor workspaces and more, a Bulldog Cartage partnership means problem solved. Plus, our new Bulldog Cartage headquarters is just shy of opening, allowing us to serve you even better in the coming months!

No matter what these crazy times have done to your projects, we are at the ready to support you and bring a better workday within reach. With Bulldog Cartage, we’re in this together—so give us a call at 630.426.4000 or reach out online to solve your problems today!