Shoutout to Our Porter Cares Award Recipient

If you know Porter Pipe, you know our culture means everything to us. We are committed to our core values on and off the job—and that’s exactly what our latest Porter Cares Award recipient has proven.

One of our rockstar Rockford team members, Brandon Eskildsen was enjoying a typical day of deliveries on March 11 when the unthinkable happened. While traveling near the intersection of Willowbrook and Prairie Hill roads, a United States Postal Service vehicle was struck by a semi-truck just near where Brandon was driving.

He immediately sprang into action and was the first person on the scene to help. After dialing 911, Brandon stayed with the vehicle driver, a USPS worker that was badly hurt in the crash, offering her reassurance and talking her through the pain. He even stayed until the ambulance arrived to ensure the victim was in safe care—THEN went on to finish his delivery route! Talk about a team player and a true BULLDOG!

We are relieved to say that the victim was promptly treated for serious but non-life-threatening injuries and has Brandon to thank for quickly calling for help. We couldn’t be prouder of Brandon’s incredible heroism and selfless actions. He is truly an example of one of Porter Pipe’s finest, and as such, we happily awarded him the Porter Cares Award for living our values so boldly.

From all of us at Porter Pipe, thank you Brandon for your courageous efforts!