Boom Trucks to help with Loading/Unloading

Porter Pipe & Supply offers heavy duty trucks equipped with boom cranes to facilitate the loading and unloading of large diameter pipe and other material. We have six boom trucks capable of lifting up to 1000 pounds to a height of 60 feet! We can place a 1500 pound load onto a 45 foot roof. We can move a 4000 pound bundle to ground level.

Our boom trucks aren’t limited to large diameter pipe though, we can also pack all your fittings and valves on a skid and lift all your material to where you need it. All pipe can be bundled and tagged to your job specifications.

Don’t forget we offer 24 hour a day delivery Monday through Friday for no additional charge. Also, weekend deliveries are never a problem for Porter Pipe & Supply.

If you have any questions about our boom trucks or you need to schedule a delivery please call our dispatcher, Joe Sucato anytime at #630-543-8145

Contact Porter Pipe & Supply for more information on our boom trucks!