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Job Information Management Services

Our Innovative Reporting Services Maximize Your Profitability

Porter Pipe is about more than supplies. We’re about cranking up your performance and your profitability. To help you do this, we’ve put together a suite of customizable reporting services that give you real-time access to quotes, material lists, usage, pricing, billing, invoicing and more.

Our Job Information Management & Reporting Services

Job Tracking Reports

Review your quoted material lists, current material usage and what’s on-demand and scheduled for delivery.

Material Pricing Timelines

Manage your material costs by securing forecast pricing on commodity lines with projected costs on items and when they will change.

KPI Reporting

Monitor your key metrics with easy-to-read dashboard-style KPI reporting that tracks performance in benchmark areas of your choosing.

Consolidated Invoicing & Billing

Improve organization and eliminate unnecessary approvals and transaction costs by consolidating invoices for specific jobs, projects and PO#s.

Electronic Product Submittal

With both electronic and physical submittal packaging options, our professionals collect and provide all your submittal requirements.

MTR Documentation

We offer complete MTR documentation services for every product that carries a manufacturer’s corresponding MTR.

Customized Reporting

Our resource-planning software enables virtually endless customization possibilities to give you up-to-the-minute reporting.


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Price Updates

Stay up to date with email notifications about price changes as soon as they occur.

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