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Fill Rates

With a 98% Fill Rate, We’re Invested in Your Productivity

Our fill rate is the best in our market. We fill thousands of line items daily so that every one of our partners continually receives complete or near-complete orders, delivered by our in-house drivers on a same-day or next-day fulfillment schedule.

Our Inventory Management Solutions

We’re passionate about providing job site materials for all your commercial plumbing, mechanical contracting, heating and cooling and industrial supply projects. We’re also passionate about doing it with the best possible service.

This dedication ensures you receive superior fill rates, inventory and delivery services, and a level of care that helps you maximize productivity and gives you peace of mind.

Daily Order Fill Rate

We invest heavily in our inventory operation to maintain an average 98.4% completed material delivered. This is the highest rate in our market.

Same-Day Sourcing

Daily, we pull from a combined inventory totaling more than $250 million, giving us the ability to source the goods you need on a same-day basis.

Detailed Vendor Network

We have a detailed network of vendor partners to source and deliver every one of your non-stock, hard-to-find and special order material needs.

Pre-Buy & Staging Services

With Porter Pipe, you can lock in pricing on large quantity pre-purchase orders so you receive the goods, documentation and proof of materials you need and manage earlier project cash flow.

Time-Line Protected Commodities Pricing

Our commodities pricing capabilities help you control costs and assist in planning for price fluctuations and forecasting analysis.


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