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Professional End-Preparation & Cutting Services

Guaranteed to Cut Your Prep Time by Up to 284%

Thanks to the latest in professional cutting, fabrication and end-preparation technology, we’re always equipped to deliver precise, fit-ready end cuts that save you time—up to 284% with beveling done on our state-of-the-art plasma cutter.

Our Pipe End Preparation Services

Beyond our investment in technology, we’re invested in our market and its piping professionals. All our end-preparation services are produced by union team members, making us one of only three union supply houses in our market.

This skilled team enables us to offer a complete range of end-preparation services for pipe and tubing materials in carbon, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and specialty alloys from 1/8” to 72” in diameter.

  • High-Definition Plasma: 2” – 24” diameters included
  • Mechanical Band-Saw & Miter: 1/8” – 16” diameters included (piping, tubing and structural materials)
  • Fuel-Based Torch: 30” – 72” diameters included
  • 1/8” – 6” diameters included
  • Carbon, stainless, galvanized, PVC and aluminum piping
  • All schedules included
  • Standard Roll Grooving: 1 1/4” – 24” diameters included (carbon, stainless, galvanized and select plastic piping)
  • Copper Roll Grooving: 2” – 6” diameters included
  • Standard Steel Cut Grooving: 2” – 6” diameters included
  • Special Set-Up Steel Cut Grooving: 10” – 30” diameters included
  • Machine: 2” – 6” diameters included
  • Plasma & Torch: 2” – 72” diameters included
  • Reduce your prep-time between 20% and 284% with custom plasma cutting

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