See Our Core Values in Action

At Porter Pipe, nothing is more important to us than our values. They’re what we live and work by in order to better serve and bring together our customers, our team and our community. It’s how we keep our culture thriving—and to us, culture is everything.

Our Core Values were established to serve as a reminder of what drives our work every day, and we felt there was no better reminder than to display them for all to see!

Hanging proudly in the breezeway of our Addison Headquarters, our Core Values are an unconditional promise to the entire Porter Pipe family and customers of the high standards we set for ourselves.

Our Values


Faith: We are a group that is comfortable with God in the workplace. The Golden Rule is a clear operating piece of what we do and how we do it together.

Family: We understand that to be our best here, for each other, and for our customers, we must be our very best for the important people in our lives. Family is paramount in that effort. Our team is a subset of family, and caring about each other is a piece of that core value.

Integrity: This is an unwavering principle in our culture. We are honest with each other, with ourselves, with our customers and with our vendors. We will not sacrifice our integrity, period.

Excellence: This is our standard. In ourselves, in our Culture, in our habits and in our actions. We know that excellence is a habit, and we are committed to being habitually Excellent. We will hold each other accountable to that standard.

Safety: Without safety, we cannot progress. Safety is a core value in our business. This lives in the basis of individual and human safety, and extends throughout our business. From the trucks we run, the buildings we operate in, the product we handle and to the people we serve. If we can’t do it safely, we can’t do it.

Fun: To be our best, we must have fun. We know we must find the fun, and do it together. This a core piece of our Culture and an important piece of our business model.

Be sure to check out our new Core Values posters on your next walk through the warehouse, or read more about them on our Culture Page for a comprehensive look at our commitment to excellence.