Built to Last

We’re proud to work together with partners, delivering superior service from an honest, hard-working team.


Delivering Real Value

Fill Rates

We maintain a market-leading fill rate averaging 98% for all our orders and all our facilities.

End-Preparation & Cutting

Our professional cutting and end-preparation technology can cut your prep time up to 284%.

Delivery & Logistics

From boom trucks to mobile technology, our fleet helps you get more done.

F.A.S.T.-Pak Packaging

Our proprietary packing can save you up to 35% in labor time with safer, more efficient packaging.

Material Handling

Promote safety on the job with our field service fleet, including carts, racks and containers.

Information Management

We offer a suite of customizable reporting services to help drive your profitability.


Partnership with Purpose

At Porter Pipe, we redefine what it means to be a wholesale supplier of commercial plumbing supplies, pipe, valves and fittings, HVACR equipment, and industrial and mechanical products. We bring together expertise, passion and dedication to make sure our partners are always put first.

From a fill rate that’s the best in our market to services that offer real value to your business, we deliver continuous productivity to your job site because we know your success hinges on more than the products you order from us.


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