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Price Sheets
(1) Domestic Butt Weld Pipe
(2) Domestic Carbon Steel ERW
(3) Domestic Seamless Pipe
(4) Labor Charges
(5) Underground Gas Pipe
(6) WardFlex CSST
(7) Copper Tube
(8.1) Sweat Fittings
(8.2) Sweat DWV Fittings
(8.3) Sweat Fittings - Clean & Bagged
(9.1-2) Tyler Pipe
(9.3) Soil Pipe Accessories
(10.1) ProPress Fittings - Copper
(10.2) ProPress Fittings - Stainless Steel
(10.3) ProPress Fittings - MegaPress
(11) PVC Pipe
(12.1) PVC Schedule 40 Fittings - 8" and Under
(12.2) PVC Schedule 80 Fittings - 8" and Under
(12.3) CPVC Schedule 80 Fittings - 8" and Under
(12.4) PVC DWV
(12.5) Transair
(13.1-2) Malleable Iron Fittings & Flanges
(13.3) Cast Iron Fittings & Flanges
(14.1-3) Black & Galvanized Nipples
(15.1) Stainless Steel 150# Fittings
(15.2-3) Stainless Steel 3000# Fittings
(15.4) Stainless Steel Weld Fittings
(15.5-6) Stainless Steel Flanges
(15.7-8) Stainless Steel Nipples
(15.9) Stainless Steel Sanitary Fittings
(16.1-2) Forged Steel Fittings
(16.3) Forged Steel O-Lets
(17.1-6) Victaulic
(18.1-3) Weldbend Fittings
(18.4) Weldbend Flanges
(19.1) Homestead
(19.2) A.Y. McDonald
(19.3) PVC Ball Valves
(19.4) Jomar Ball Valves
(20.1-2) Apollo Valves
(21) Stockham Valves
(22.1-3) Milwaukee Valves
(23.1) Crane Valves
(23.2) Forged Steel Valves
(24) Piping Specialties
(25) Steam / Hot Water Specialties
(26.1-2) Heating Specialties
(27) Hot Water Specialties
(28.1) Bell & Gossett
(28.2) Bell & Gossett Circuit Setters
(29) Taco Products
(30) Pipe Insulation
(31.1) Hanger Accessories
(31.2-3) Anvil Hangers
(32.1-3) Anvil Strut
(32.4) Anchors
(33) Nuts, Bolts, & Gaskets
(34) Structural Steel
(35) Miscellaneous Specialties
(36) Nu-Calgon Specialties
(37) Tanks & Gas
(38) Welding Rod
(39) Radiant Tubing
(40.1-2) Radiant Fittings
(41.1-2) Unico
(42) Honeywell Controls
(43) Sterling Baseboard
(44) Slant/Fin Commercial Baseboard
(45) Runtal
(46) Ridgid Tools & Parts
(47) Zoeller Pumps
(48) Firestop
(49.1-3) NIBCO Valves

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