Remembering Porter Pipe Family Member Asghar Khalid


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of Porter Pipe’s finest, Asghar Khalid. Asghar was a loving husband, a caring father and an incredibly warm-hearted teammate to everyone at Porter Pipe.

A Shipping Pro at our Addison branch, many on the shipping team referred to Asghar as “Papa” for his never-ending guidance and positivity. This is something we will all remember fondly: his smiling face, inspiring outlook on life and his strong love of family, friends and of God.

Our Chief Operating Officer, Nick Porter, said it best. “Asghar Khalid was one of those rare people who always made everyone around him smile. Asghar was a special guy to me, to my father, to my brother, Matthew, and to so many people here,” said Nick. “He was a source of warmth, no matter how the day was going. Asghar was an amazing teammate. He was dedicated to his team here, and to our purpose of service and excellence. He embodied our culture, and he will be missed. Deeply missed.”



Asghar began his position in July of 2014, but had previously been a member of the Porter Pipe family working with us beginning in the 1980s. Before his work with Porter Pipe, Asghar owned his own business for 30 years. During this time, he made a name for himself with his generosity, often buying groceries for customers that couldn’t afford them and never asking for anything in return.

This was the Asghar we came to know so well: hardworking, caring and always willing to go the extra mile to help others. On the job, this translated to great attention to detail and an exemplary work ethic. Each month, our CEO Jim Porter was thrilled to receive a “monthly visit” from Asghar: a detailed narrative of the well wishes and positive thoughts for his department and the company that he wanted to share. It was an above and beyond gesture, one that Jim truly came to look forward to, and exemplified the commitment Asghar had for his career and Porter Pipe.

At home, Asghar extended this same level of consideration to his own family, including his two daughters and son. He treated them to a trip to the movies every weekend, regardless of whether there were any exciting films out, just to bring the family together for quality time. And no matter how long the second shift with us may have been the night before, Asghar woke up at 8am every Saturday to buy breakfast to bring home to them.



He was also a world traveler, born in Pakistan and having visited Russia and Brazil, and was in the midst of planning a trip to London.

We will always miss Asghar for the hard work and dedication he brought to our company, but more than anything we will remember him as a valued member of our Porter Pipe family, an incredible man and example for us all, who brought a kindness and warmth to the job that cannot be replaced.

From everyone at Porter Pipe, we send our deepest condolences, comfort, faith and support to the family and friends of Asghar and all who were lucky enough to know and love him, just as we were.