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Gaskets, Adhesives & Sealants

Seal the Deal on Reliable Supplies

From the major supplies and equipment to the essential products like gaskets, tape, glues, adhesives and sealants that hold everything together, look no further than Porter Pipe to keep you stocked and keep your projects moving forward.

We offer an extensive variety of industrial grade adhesives and sealants that also includes caulk, roof and flashing sealant, furnace cement, PVC cement, epoxy, putty, pipe dope, thread lock, rubber gaskets, Teflon gaskets and more.

Our Suppliers

Dixon Valve & Coupling Company
Ipex Inc
La-Co Industries
Federal Process Corporation
SOS Products
Covalence Adhesives
AA Thread Seal Tape
Southeastern Rubber
IPS Corporation
JA Sales

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Get more done on the jobsite with prompt deliveries from our in-house fleet.

F.A.S.T.-Pak Packaging

Save you up to 35% in labor time with our safer, more efficient packaging.

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Keeps your project together with essential adhesive and sealant products.

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