Porter Pipe & Supply Celebrates 45 Years—and 29 Years with Don Salemi

If you know Porter Pipe & Supply, you know Don Salemi. What you might not know is how the man, the myth, the legend got started. The year was 1992. Let’s just hear it straight from Don: “I will always remember my first day working at Porter Pipe. Mr. Porter gave me a passionate warm welcome. He made me feel like family from my first day.” The feeling was mutual, Don.


After 29 years, we’re very grateful to still call Don family (among… other things). One thing is clear, though, and that’s that Don’s exemplary service and positive smile haven’t changed a bit. Well, maybe two things: the sun really has done you well. Thanks for sharing it with all of us so warmly. What do you say we try for another few decades, Don? The last three would have been near-impossible without you.


(Fine, three things: we must admit, bring back the glasses and tie!)