Porter Pipe at UnleashWD Innovation Summit 2018


Innovative solutions and exceptional service are cornerstones of our business, which is why it’s such a big deal that our Chief Operating Officer, Nick Porter, was invited to speak at the UnleashWD Innovation Summit 2018 in Chicago. Produced by innovation leader Dirk Beveridge, the summit is an exclusive event for distributors to prep their business for the future.

Nick was asked to take part in the summit alongside a lineup of noteworthy names, including Amazon Business Head of Awareness Marketing Colin Puckett, to motivate and educate the summit audience and help set them on the path to success by bringing innovation to the workplace. In the presentation, which you can watch below, Nick dove into the key factors that led to Porter Pipe’s 106% revenue growth between 2012 to 2018: pouring passion into business, obsessing over customer satisfaction and focusing on innovation in areas where companies fall at or below the status quo.

As an example, he walked through the invention of our F.A.S.T.-Pak packaging, a service that filled a need even our customers didn’t know they had. By thinking about packaging from the customer’s perspective, we were able to identify pain points in the packaging process. This led to our proprietary F.A.S.T.-Pak packaging system, our fast, accurate, safe and tailored packaging solution that saves customers up to 40% in labor time on the job.

And of course, he was sure to let the audience know that all of Porter Pipe’s innovations are built on our commitment to an exceptional company culture that extends to our team members, vendors and customers alike. Nick left the summit attendees with four valuable pieces of advice:


  1. Be the catalyst to action in your workplace.
  2. Lean in and engage with your team, your customers and the world around you.
  3. View innovation as an investment in your company that you will get a return on.
  4. Be passionate and have fun.


We couldn’t be more proud that Porter Pipe’s values, culture and innovative solutions were represented at this year’s summit and are thrilled that our work will help others achieve their own success as well.


UnleashWD 2018 Nick Porter