Our Supply of Gas Regulators and Flow Meters

Got Gas?

If you do, we have solutions! We offer the products that will regulate its pressure or meter its flow! Whether it’s for a small burner, a unit heater or a high pressure industrial gas application, we have what you need.

Information Required to Select Gas Regulators and Flow Meters

  • Volumetric flow rate of gas expressed in CFH or BTU/hr.
  • Inlet pressure of gas flowing into the regulator/flow meter
  • Regulated or desired outlet pressure leaving the regulator
  • Flowing media (i.e. natural gas, propane, etc.)
  • Indoor vs. outdoor installation
  • Physical properties if other than common gases
  • Line size of the piping system in which the equipment will be installed
  • Electrical characteristics available to the electronics of the flow meter
  • Desired mechanical or electrical characteristics coming from the flow meter (i.e. pulse, current or voltage relative to flow rate)

Solutions for Your Gas Regulating & Metering Needs

  • Flexible mounting options
  • Full range of service and line pressure regulators
  • Manufactured in accordance with ANSI B109
  • Outdoor or indoor use
  • Outdoor or indoor use
  • Highest turndowns available
  • 500:1 and 1000:1 capabilities ANSI Z21.80 Compliant
  • Installed inside or outside Ventless configurations available
  • Wide range of pressure and flows
  • Ventless designs available
  • ANSI Z21.80 Compliant
  • Appliance Class regulator
  • 2PSI line certified regulator

Meters for Small to Very Large Capacity

  • Rotary: Highly accurate meters with greater than 100:1 turn down. Available with many volumetric output options.
  • Diaphragm: Residential gas meters designed to meet residential measurement requirements. Features a complete line of meter connections.
  • Turbo: Compact meters equipped with direct data communication. Ensures greater range and simplified maintenance.
  • Ultrasonic: Industrial/commercial meters with electronic platform for automatic meter reading. Uses no moving parts, eliminating repair costs.

Specialty Items Available Include:

  • Gas Flow Correctors from Eagle Research Corporation
  • Gas Boosters from Etter
  • “Y” Strainers from Keckley
  • Gauges from PIC
  • Gas Shut-Off Valves from SMG Valves
  • Solenoid Valves from Asco

Find online sizing and selection tools for all of our regulators at gascosizingtool.com.