Our Hammond Branch’s Visit to the Munster Ale Fest


This past weekend, our Hammond team embraced the 2018 fall season full on with an outing to the Munster Ale Fest. Located in Munster, Indiana, the annual Munster Ale Fest offers an array of craft beers, food, live music and a variety beer-centric activities that the Porter Pipe team was more than happy to take part in.

We spent the day together, celebrating the hard work and camaraderie of the Porter Pipe family. At the end of the day, Uber gift cards were provided for any employees that needed a ride home, because while we value having fun, we also value the safety of everyone on our team—on and off the job.



Thank you to all of the Hammond team members that came out to the Munster Ale Fest. Finding the time to have fun and do it together is an integral part of our culture at Porter Pipe, and we are always happy to show our employees our appreciation for their efforts through events just like this one. We hope you all enjoyed the fest, and we can’t wait to start planning the next outing for the Porter Pipe family!