Our Culture Is Making Headlines

We wouldn’t be who we are without our culture. From the family members that make up our team to our community to our customers and our vendors, we pride ourselves in being more than a supplier, a partner, an employer or a business. We are driven by a set of values that allow us to make a positive impact on the lives of everyone we work with—and we’re incredibly grateful that people are starting to take note.

We’re being featured in this month’s edition of The Wholesaler magazine, in an article dedicated to the culture we’ve built here at Porter Pipe over the past 43 years. Featuring interviews with our COO Nick Porter and our Marketing & Training Coordinator Andrew Peck, the feature is a flattering in-depth look at the many different aspects that make our culture what it is. Beginning with our steadfast faith and expanding to encompass our team member appreciation programs, community outreach, heartfelt customer service and vendor partnerships, it truly captures what it means when we say Partnership with Purpose.

You can read the full piece now over at the PHCPpros website and read more about the values, programs, partnerships and initiatives that bring our culture to life. Thanks to The Wholesaler for taking the time to recognize and share our culture with your readers—and thanks most of all to the team members, community members, customers and vendors that we rely on to help make working with Porter Pipe as special as it is.