Our Culture and Our Team Members

Giving Back to the People Who Makes Us Great

Since day one, the success of Porter Pipe has been directly connected to the hard work and dedication of our team members. This commitment from everyone on our team is central to the family feel around here and we make sure to match that with benefits, perks and events that ensure a career at Porter Pipe is a fulfilling one.

Team Member of the Month

We honor one employee each month to recognize them for the unique qualities they bring to their job and our team. As a reward, they’re given the keys to a brand new 2020 Cadillac that’s theirs to use for the month along with the Team Member of the Month parking spot that comes with it.

Dream Program

Each month, we also grant a person the chance to make a wish come true. We’ve helped team members take their spouse to the restaurant they’ve always wanted to go to. We’ve also helped them repay kindness shown to them in the past by helping to organize pledge drives to charitable causes in our community. If you dream it, we’ll help make it so.

Fitness & Workout Facilities

To help our team members stay fit and save on gym memberships, we have a full workout facility equipped with treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines and free weights.

Company Picnics

Nothing says family and fun like picnics, so we get the whole team together regularly to blow up the bouncey house, grill out and invite everyone’s family to share in some much deserved R&R.

Holiday Parties

When it’s the season, we make an occasion of it. From Halloween costume parties to spreading cheer at the end of the year, holidays are a big deal around these parts.


Everyone at Porter Pipe loves a little healthy competition, especially when we channel it into regular foozball and table hockey tournaments. The current reigning champ in both is our Marketing & Training Coordinator Andrew Peck.

Community Groups

Within our big, happy family there are little families, too. We have a number of self-organized community meet-ups that cover everything from prayer breakfasts to our favorite role-playing games.

Office BBQS

There doesn’t need a special occasion for lunch to be on us. Three times throughout the year, we host BBQs for our team members at different areas around our Addison Headquarters. It’s a great way to get people from different parts of our office mingling.

Does Porter Pipe sound like a family you want to be a part of? We’re always looking for qualified candidates to join our growing team. Visit our Careers page to learn more about our open positions.

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