Our Boom Trucks in Action

At Porter Pipe, we don’t just have the materials you need—we also have a safer, more advanced and more efficient delivery team to get those materials right where you need them. Our modern fleet includes our boom trucks, which are equipped to lift up to 5400 lbs. from bed to ground and up to 2000 lbs. from bed to 70 vertical feet with our Super Boom—and our delivery pros are equipped with the skills and the tools to do it safely.

Recently, we delivered material to a 10-story condo building project in the heart of the busy Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. On arrival, our delivery team learned that the construction crew was going to have to manually unload the material or wait for an in-demand job site crane to become available. Our delivery pros devised a third option: put the boom truck capabilities to use, safely extending over the barrier wall and fence line to unload all four bundles of soil pipe and a mill basket down more than two stories, right where the supplies were needed. We were able to help our clients avoid delay, save hours in labor and help our customer get ahead of schedule for the day.



With a Porter Pipe partnership, we go further than delivering everything on your packing list. We deliver continuous productivity to your job site. Visit our delivery and logistics page to learn more about how we can help on your next project.