Meet Rockford’s New All-Star Management Team

Big things are happening in Rockford as two new management positions have been appointed. Jackie Moen was promoted to Branch Manager, and Corey Eisenmann was placed in her former role of Assistant Branch Manager. With these two hardworking, dedicated leaders managing the team, Rockford is on the road to success.


As Jackie put it, “The Rockford team’s future is so bright and so exciting. There is so much we have to look forward to with Bill moving to Madison, WI, and Corey starting as Asst. Branch Manager, just to name a few. This is just the start of Rockford; the best is yet to come. We are thrown curveballs every day, and instead of striking out, we knock them out of the park! The team we have works so well together, and the number of things we all accomplish every day is unbelievable. This team we have built is what makes Rockford a success. I couldn’t be prouder of the Rockford team and look forward to seeing where the future brings us.”


Stop in and say hello to our new management team at the Rockford location!