Leading by Example: Tim Modesitt


Ask Tim Modesitt, a Porter Pipe sales representative, what his secret to success is, and he’ll tell you, “Take pride in your work, it represents who you are. Always be willing to go the extra mile. Work is an opportunity to create your legacy, and I strive to leave my mark somehow every day.” Is it any wonder that Tim exemplifies our core values so well?

Consistently one of the top salespeople at our Hammond branch, Tim knows the industry like the back of his hand. He started his career as a Local 597 apprentice right out of high school, enjoying work from high rises to fab shops and everything in between. His father, who also worked in the industry, has been his biggest influence in joining the piping world. “We always have some sort of projects that we are working on, even nowadays,” says Tim. “He always said watch, listen, learn. He might have repeated that a time or two…or ten, but he was very right.”

Tim lives by this philosophy, learning on the job every day. When he had the opportunity to work with Porter Pipe on a project, he knew this was the right fit for him. “They understood the needs of the customer and always went above and beyond. I knew that this had to mean they also care about their employees the same way,” said Tim.

Since he first joined the Porter Pipe family as a member of the warehouse, we’ve been blown away by his commitment to the job and to living our culture day in and day out. “My Porter Pipe family is truly my extended family. Porter Pipe has created a culture that is so amazing to be a part of,” Tim says. “Along with being the place I go to work, I am able to have fun every day as well.”

Tim also brings that fun to his work with customers, stating, “I deal with the same people on a daily basis. We have built relationships over time. They are more like friends than just customers.” Always going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction, Tim uses his own vehicle to deliver materials on his way to and from work. When asked where his drive for superior customer service stems from, he replied, “I just like helping people. It makes me feel good knowing there was something I could do to help someone out.”

It’s that kind of attitude that makes Tim such a valued member of our team, and we know there is nothing but opportunity ahead for him. In fact, opportunity is a point that Tim comes back to often. “One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received is to find a way to say yes to everything. Saying yes opens up the doors for new opportunity. Opportunity equals growth.”

Tim strives to see plenty of growth as he continues his career with Porter Pipe. “I hope that I can move up into a leadership role and help others become successful in their own lives,” said Tim. “I also hope to be a part of future endeavors, just like the ones I see happening every day.”

And as Tim makes strides in his career, he will have the confidence of knowing the entire Porter Pipe family is right there rooting for him.