Leading By Example: Joe Carbray


After years of serving as a Porter Pipe Delivery Pro, Joe Carbray exemplifies our Core Values. He started his career in the trucking industry as a tow truck driver, completing light, medium and heavy-duty towing and recovery as well as lowboy tractor trailer work. Now, he’s one of our highly skilled Delivery Pros, keeping products moving and customers satisfied day in and day out.

In this line of work, the job can weigh you down—literally. That’s never stopped Joe. In fact, Joe is motivated by thinking on his feet for more complex deliveries. As he puts it, “The most rewarding part for me is after performing some of the most challenging lifts, the sincere compliments I get from the customers.” It’s this drive for customer satisfaction that makes Joe a clear example of our core values in action, and that’s not all he brings to the table.

Joe has spent his career at Porter Pipe with a key focus on continuous improvement, building an exceptionally strong work ethic, clear organizational skills and a sense of personal reliability that motivates our entire team to strive to be better. He also brings this focus to his customer service skills, where he makes connections with customers that go beyond the workplace.

“I build a rapport with my customers on both a professional and personal level,” explains Joe. “I’ve made several friendships through personal interests between me and them, including youth hockey and motorcycles.”

As for the future, Joe is always thinking ahead. “It goes without saying we can perform more than any of our competitors. The super boom gives us the ability to make deliveries in places that blow the minds of our customers. It impresses them and gives Porter this reputation that cannot be matched,” Joe says. “The fact that there are over 65 tower crane permits open in the city of Chicago alone gives me a feeling of security. I feel this country and our industry are ‘booming’ again! No pun intended.”

And with Porter Pipe, our industry and the country all booming, Joe is excited to further his career goals with us, striving to take on stronger roles for our drivers, such as a lead driver or driver supervisor, and leading us all by example with his steadfast commitment to the job.