Jim Porter: CEO and Addison Businessman of the Year

In our eyes, Porter Pipe CEO Jim Porter has always been the best businessman in town. Now, we’re excited to announce he’s getting the recognition he truly deserves. On March 3, Jim received the honor of being named the Addison Businessman of the Year.

We were happy to host the Mayor of Addison, Rich Veenstra, and his colleagues for a tour of our Addison branch, where we received the news of this incredible honor. Mayor Veenstra detailed how Addison is the fourth largest business community in the state, and described Porter Pipe as one of the best examples of great business within the community. He explained how impressed he was not only with the facility, but with the people he met along the tour and the amazing relationships he could see between all of our team members. It’s truly the members of the Porter Pipe family who make us one of the top businesses in the area, and we all played a part in receiving this well-deserved recognition.

This incredible award was presented to Jim at the Knights of Columbus annual brunch, hosted at Shriner’s Hall in Addison. In addition to being the guest of honor, Jim was also the guest speaker, sharing with the crowd the history of our company and what it means to have passion and run a faith-based organization. Porter Pipe had 40 reserved seats for this event, so we of course invited our Porter Pipe family members to join us in celebrating Jim’s accomplishment.

This is an honor we can’t imagine going to anyone else. Every day, we feel fortunate to follow an amazing leader like Jim, who sets the standard for how to treat both customers, team members and the community at large while running a successful business. Our Porter Pipe family is thrilled to see Jim and the entire company receive credit where credit is due—and it wouldn’t be possible without each and every one of us.