Improving Your Bottom Line with Dr. Hanna


Maximizing your productivity is a central part of a Porter Pipe partnership. We’re always working on new ways to deliver on this promise, whether it’s adding to our boom truck fleet or organizing unique learning experiences and training sessions for our customers. For one recent session, we partnered with our vendor Viega to host respected construction productivity expert Dr. Awad Hanna from the University of Wisconsin-Madison for an exclusive plumbing and mechanical contractor course on managing field productivity and improving your bottom line.

As an active researcher form nearly 25 years, Dr. Hanna has written and published more than 100 articles and 15 books on construction-related productivity. He’s a leading expert in areas our customers work in daily, so we were honored to have him come in and speak with them. In his course, attendees learned how to plan, measure and take corrective action to maximize productivity in the field and increase profits in the process.

He touched on seven core pillars for improving labor productivity, including:

  1. Management: Leadership and training practices
  2. Manpower: The effect of tools, information, materials and environment
  3. Materials: Site logistics, deliveries, storage and material handling
  4. Methods: Crew size and vendor integration
  5. Mechanization: The benefits of prefabrication
  6. Measurements: Identifying ineffective work and tracking productivity
  7. Miscellaneous: Other factors such as overtime and pre-construction planning


In addition to his seven pillars, he also introduced productivity measurements, risk factors that affect productivity and more than 20 specific techniques to help improve labor productivity. It was a detailed and informative day that illustrated the progress that can be achieved to maximize effectivity in the field with the right forethought, planning and organization.It also illustrated where Porter Pipe can can be a partner to achieve greater productivity on your job sites. In Dr. Hanna’s pillars of Materials, Mechanization and Measurements, we offer services specifically designed to help you and your team work faster and smarter.

From a materials and delivery perspective, our F.A.S.T.-Pak packaging saves on labor time during unpacking and our boom trucks can also deliver savings by lifting materials right where you need them, including up to 70 feet up. We also have a full field services fleet including carts, racks, trailers and mobile warehouses to help you with storage and material handling. Outside of materials, our custom reporting services can help you track all the areas where our fill rate, deliveries, material handling and fabrication services are making a positive impact on your business.

If you want to learn more about how Porter Pipe can help with your field productivity and your bottom line, contact us. And to find out how to attend our next course with Dr. Hanna, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our News page.