Head Back to Our Will Call Counters June 15


We’re thrilled to share that our Porter Pipe Will Call counters located in Addison, Chicago, Hammond and Rockford are officially reopening as of June 15. We’ve spent these past months eagerly planning the logistics of our return. Now, we’re confident that we are able to provide the same superior service and products you know to expect from Porter Pipe while keeping our team members and our customers safe.

Each of our will call counters will be implementing unique safety measures that follow both the guidelines of the CDC and the state in which they operate. These measures apply to our team members and customers alike and will ensure that the health of each of us is protected as we begin to reconnect in person once again.

Familiarize Yourself with the Standard Protocol at Each of Our Counters Here:

  • Curbside service will remain in place and be the suggested practice

  • Plexiglas barriers will be in place at all Will Call facilities to provide a protective barrier

  • Will Call Reps will sign on behalf of the customer to reduce unnecessary contact

  • Face masks are encouraged for all employees and customers that will be at our Will Call counters. Face masks will be available for purchase if needed

  • A six-foot separation enforcement must be implemented and will be marked on the showroom floor

  • Signage is put in place kindly asking all customers to sanitize their hands with provided hand sanitizer dispenser upon entry

  • All locations will continue to keep a cleaning schedule every few hours 

  • For the time being, we will refrain from serving any refreshments to eliminate unnecessary contact/spread of germs

  • Only several customers will be allowed into the Will Call areas at a time:
    • Addison: Capacity of 7 Customers
    • Chicago: Capacity of 3 Customers
    • Hammond: Capacity of 3 Customers
    • Rockford: Capacity of 3 Customers
    • Indianapolis: Capacity of 6 Customers

Of course, the safest and fastest way to get the materials you need is to order ahead at any of our Will Call locations and pick up your order in Addison through FASTLANE. Over the past few months, in an effort to properly social distance, we’ve utilized a curbside service similar to our FASTLANE offering. However, with our Will Call Counter re-opening, please review this refresher on how to properly utilize our FASTLANE Will Call offering: 


FASTLANE is the fastest way to Will Call, allowing your workday to be more time-efficient and profitable. Simply put, it’s Porter Pipe & Supply’s same best-in-class service and products but brought right to your vehicle in 60 minutes or less.  

What are the benefits to using FASTLANE?

It’s the FASTEST WAY TO WILL CALL and is an efficient way to work with us WITHOUT unnecessary contact. FASTLANE allows you to keep your job moving faster than before by having your pre-ordered order ready in 60 minutes or less. As your partner, it’s our mission to make your workday more productive and profitable. 

How will I know if my FASTLANE order is ready?

You will receive a text message letting you know it’s time to make your way to our FASTLANE dedicated counter/parking spots for pickup! 

Can I place a FASTLANE order over text or email?

No. All FASTLANE orders must be called in and indicated as “FASTLANE” by the customer. 

Is there an additional cost to use FASTLANE?

It may be the fastest way to get materials, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most expensive. Our FASTLANE service adds value at NO additional charge.

How do I use FASTLANE? 

  • Call any of our Porter Pipe locations and indicate that you want your order to be inputted for FASTLANE pickup. 

  • You’ll receive a text notification letting you know your order has been received and is in progress. (see below).

  • Within 60 minutes of your order being placed, you will receive a text message letting you know your order is ready and you can make your way to our Addison Headquarters.

  • Park in one of the FASTLANE indicated parking spots to the right of the Will Call counter.

  • Dial the number on the sign and let them know you have arrived. Further instruction will be provided from Porter Pipe team members as needed.

  • One of our team members will bring your order right to you.

  • Continue with your day confidently, knowing you’ve saved valuable time utilizing FASTLANE! 

Where is FASTLANE located?

The FASTLANE counter entrance is directly to the right of our Will Call counter at our Addison Headquarter location. There are specific parking spaces labeled for FASTLANE customers to use. Upon arrival in a FASTLANE parking spot, dial the number on the sign and let them know you’ve arrived…no need to leave your car, they’ll bring the order right out to you!

Is FASTLANE available at all Porter Pipe locations? 

FASTLANE is only available at our Addison Headquarters location at this time; however, it will be launched at our new Indianapolis location coming Summer 2020! 

Why was FASTLANE created?

We know how valuable your time is and that some days, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day…yet, your job is demanding things to be kept moving along faster. As your partner, it’s our mission to make your workday more productive and profitable. That’s why we created the fastest way to get the materials you need, right when you need them, with our NEW FASTLANE service available at our Addison headquarters.

What if I need to make a change to an already ordered FASTLANE order?

Any revisions required to an already ordered FASTLANE order must go through the Will Call counter. No exceptions.

Can I use FASTLANE if I have a cash order?

FASTLANE does not currently accept cash orders.          

Stop by starting June 15 for FASTLANE or Will Call service and say hello to your Porter Pipe family (wearing a mask, of course)! Our team looks forward to seeing you and serving you safely.