Get Ready for Updates to Our PipeLine Mobile App


Continuous improvements are a central part of how we serve you better, and this extends to our mobile PipeLine app as well. PipeLine is your partner in monitoring and tracking orders from Porter Pipe, with features that allow easy access to order details, real-time ETAs on deliveries and direct access to your delivery drivers.

With our latest updates, the PipeLine app offers even more ease of use and increased functionality to streamline your app experience and keep your partnership with Porter Pipe even more productive.


New Added Features to PipeLine:


  • Increased login efficiency with “Remember Me” capabilities for email and password information
  • The most up-to-date information through automatic app refreshing every two minutes
  • A feedback link for ease of offering comments or concerns about the app or your orders
  • The ability to send a maintenance message if any technical issues occur within the app
  • Improved app design for overall increased functionality


Stay tuned as we roll out these updates and be sure to let us know about your experiences with the PipeLine app.

If you don’t have Pipeline on your phone yet, search for Porter Pipe on the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store to download today.