Fresh ‘Cuts, Fresh Smiles


Sometimes—and, this time of year, it can feel like all the time—the “little things” fall through the cracks. Our passion for our career and work ethic can mean spending a little extra time at work on top of the added stress of the holidays, family, friends while still trying to keep up with yourself.


Well, one of those “little things” for our team was the simple, but easy-to-postpone haircut. Local Indy barber “High Rise Hooligan” from Bareknuckles Barber Shop stopped by to see our Indianapolis Team and empowered them with new, easy-to-maintain, clean and, if we may say so ourselves, very fresh cuts for some of our guys. When it comes to taking care of our team and embracing our local community—we are all in.


Thank you #BareKnucklesBarberShop for the extraordinary cuts, laughter and top-notch service! Sure, we may be biased, but we think everyone looks great!