Expressing Our Continued Gratitude and Positivity

These past few weeks have proven what we at Porter Pipe have always known to be true: that when we come together, there’s nothing we can’t achieve.

The current global situation surrounding COVID-19 has shed light on the hard work and dedication of all essential workers and first responders, those we can depend on to get through this difficult time. As an essential business ourselves, we’ve seen firsthand just how committed those in our industry and beyond are to keep our world safe and moving forward during this time.

Porter Pipe has long held the core values of faith, family, fun, safety, integrity and excellence, and now more than ever we’re seeing the impact of those values in our company and our communities. We have never been more grateful for everything our first responders and essential workers do every day to keep us safe and healthy—and that gratitude feeds our continued positivity in light of these difficult times.

From all of us at Porter Pipe, we want to extend a huge thank you to everyone on the frontlines of this pandemic, and especially to our first responders. It is because of you we have faith in a brighter future and the positivity to continue on until that day is reached. Thank you for all that you do!