COVID-19 Counter Announcement

To our customers, business partners, manufacturers and vendors,

Today marks the first work-week in our new Illinois State Stay-at-Home order environment. As our state and our country work together to reduce and stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we too will continue to play an important role in this fight, while also working to continue to service the important and necessary markets and channels that we serve.

We are taking some additional precautions and planning for additional safety measures. Below are some key updates for you to be aware of and understand:

  • Starting immediately, we will no longer be supporting walk-in traffic at any of our facilities, including Will Call counters. All Will Call orders will effectively move to a FASTLANE format, or curb-side pickup format going forward. We will be securing the doors and placing a friendly and cautious message on each door, directing our customers to call for their will call orders, pickups and any needed changes. We will then safely and quickly bring their orders to them, or, direct them to a dock location for pickup, if needed. We will be signing for all signature capture needs through our own team, and writing the customer’s name, in place of a signature, in the digital pad. This is for both our team safety and for our customer’s safety, and will further reduce unnecessary contact.
  • Our Truck Driving and Delivery Pro team will be taking added precautions to reduce contact. This will include our drivers signing for all signature captures with the customer’s name upon delivery. Additionally, we are asking our drivers to practice an extra amount of caution through hand sanitization after each delivery, the use of gloves and practicing a solid 6-foot social distancing guideline for all contact both in our facilities and in the field. Again, this is for their protection, for our teams’ protection and for the protection of our customers.
  • We are in the process of developing a company protocol for the unfortunate event in the potential of having one of our team members having contracted a confirmed-positive case of COVID-19. This protocol would focus first and foremost on the safety of our team members, our customers and our vendors. We will continue to take the highest level of precautions in order to make sure that this does not happen, and we want to ask that each of you take the precautions detailed in the CDC guidelines, with the highest level of genuine concern and focus, in order to help do your part to ensure no one in our immediate network contracts the virus.

At our 10 meeting, we had some solid discussion around how to continue to provide the safest environment for our team, while also providing the safest and best service for our customers. The morale was high, the energy was productive and the attitude was CAN-DO. This is what makes our companies so great and our country so amazing. Continue to band together in spirit, continue to pray in faith, and continue the commitment to a calm sense of caution as we move towards victory in this challenge. 

God bless and Happy Monday! 

Nicholas A. Porter

Chief Operating Officer/Owner/Partner, Porter Pipe & Supply Co.

President/Owner/Partner, Bulldog Cartage LLC 

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