Congratulations to Our First Two Tenured Team Members: Rod O’Dell & Arthur Mendez


At Porter Pipe & Supply, there’s not a lot else we value more than our team. It’s been that way since the beginning. In a new celebratory series, PPS wants to highlight and congratulate those team members who continue to contribute to our company’s culture and overall success in extraordinary ways.


Twenty-four years ago, Arthur Mendez worked as part of Porter Pipe & Supply’s Second Shift Team. He reported to Rod O’Dell. Still well-known and beloved by our customers, Rod is still with us at PPS after 30 years. Only, Rod now reports to Art. Because, according to Art himself, “No matter where you start your journey here, the opportunities to grow are endless!”


Rod O’Dell feels the same. It’s almost like they’ve been working together for nearly three decades. As Current Inside Sales Representative at our Hammond Branch, Rod’s version goes like this, “The one thing I want you to know working at Porter is you can start as the truck washer and grow to Top Brass. It is truly up to you. It also truly is a family atmosphere. Anyone who can tolerate me for 30 years is a saint. I’d also like people to know everyone worked very hard and took serious pride in their work because we always wanted to be better than the competition.” And it’s with people like Rod and Art and through their examples of leadership that have helped Porter Pipe & Supply do just that for 45 years and counting.


There’s one memory in particular that has stuck with Rod for his entire tenure with PPS. “I had been with the company for about 1 year and I dropped and 8-series boiler with the fork lift. I was scared big time. This is when I knew I loved Mr. P big time. I was honest and told him what I did. He told me you know I am just glad you were honest about it. Harold and I fixed the boiler. It had to have an end section replaced. One thing I know is he didn’t like thieves or liars.” That integrity and loyalty remains integral to Porter Pipe & Supply and Rod and Art have always been and continue to be shining examples of both.


From Second Shift Team in the warehouse to Current Branch Manager of Porter Pipe & Supply’s Hammond Branch, Art Mendez has been a crucial contributor to our company’s culture and success. Art remembers setting up PPS’ new branch location like it was yesterday. “Setting up our first new branch location at CWC on Michigan Ave, and the customer appreciation party when Mayor Richard M. Daley came in to say hello to our local 597 customers/contractors” was a special, memorable experience to say the least. Art continues in that tradition to this day. Art and Rod—we can’t thank you enough.


That’s what partnerships built to last are all about. Whether they be partnerships outside or within the company, we hope every one stays as strong as ours has been and continues to be with our first two Tenured Team Members: Art Mendez and Rod O’Dell of Porter Pipe & Supply’s Hammond Branch in Hammond, IN. Congratulations—and thank you.