Congratulating Our New Director of Plumbing, Greg Goode

Porter Pipe is happy to announce the promotion of Greg Goode from Outside Sales Representative and Plumbing Specialist to the company’s Director of Plumbing. In this role, he will lead in decision making with plumbing product lines, customers and pricing, play a key role in disseminating data analytics and participate in management meetings to streamline efforts with other managers and team members.

“When we made the decision to enter the commercial plumbing supply market, we did so because we were listening to our customers. One of our most key partnership-customers made it clear to us that they needed us to make that investment…they wanted Porter Pipe service levels and they wanted it to help them succeed with their plumbing efforts. Once we made the decision to make that investment, we knew finding the right person to lead that effort would be critical. I believe in Faith and that things happen for a reason. The timing worked out perfectly and we were able to bring Greg into our team.” – Nick Porter, Chief Operating Officer

Greg initially joined the Porter Pipe team in 2015 and has spent the past 20 years of his career honing his expertise in plumbing. He began his career working in the warehouse Paul Supply Company at 18 years old to ultimately co-owner and Chief Executive Officer of M. Cooper Supply Company.

In addition to experience on the job, Goode has a bachelor’s degree in business from Purdue University, a certification in negotiation from Harvard Law School, and has been published (Copper: The New Gold – March 2011) in both The Wholesaler and Supply House Times. He is also a member of the American Supply Association (ASA) as well as the Plumbing Contractors Association (PCA).

“I am humbled and filled with gratitude for this opportunity. My passion for the business, relentless desire to problem solve and be the ‘information man’ only adds value to our plumbing customers,” said Greg.

We are confident that Greg will excel in his new position, leading the team members as a resource for all things plumbing and providing valuable support to our customer partners.

“His knowledge and his energy make him a perfect fit to service our plumbing customers. He’s led us very successfully into commercial plumbing and his promotion to Directors role further enhances our commitment to our plumbing customers and to our vendor partners. If you know Greg, you know how genuine he is…and you know he just doesn’t have an off button. He’s going to succeed, no matter what, and we’re thankful to have him on our team and in our business family.” – Nick Porter