Cheers to the Latest Three Tenured Team Members: Tom Mueller, Robert Freeberg & Steve Warren


At Porter Pipe & Supply, there’s not a lot else we value more than our team. It’s been that way since the beginning. In a new celebratory series, PPS wants to highlight and congratulate those team members who continue to contribute to our company’s culture and overall success in extraordinary ways.


It’s no secret that our level of service would not be what it is today if it weren’t for all of our delivery professionals and their dedication to a job well-done, customer satisfaction, safety, fun and family. Tom Mueller, Robert Freeberg, and Steve Warren are three such delivery pros who make our Porter Team the Porter Family we strive to foster. Even though we’ve grown and evolved over the years the family aspect of Porter Pipe hasn’t changed and our culture has only gotten stronger.


In large part because of these three leaders and the examples they’ve set with over 80 years of combined service under their boot soles.


Tom Mueller started as a warehouse/fill-in driver. Thirty-three years later, Tom’s experience and loyalty is a saving grace in any situation. Steve Warren started as a transportation ambassador, blinked, and twenty-two years later, well, it might feel like yesterday, but Steve’s decades of collected wisdom is for all of our benefit. Thank you both for your quick and easy generosity.


Robert Freeberg began his career with Porter Pipe & Supply as a driver. That was thirty-one years ago. But whether it was then, now or tomorrow, we’ve been family since the start. Robert remembers,


“It was 29 years ago, we were doing inventory. Everything’s done and everyone’s leaving but Mr. P and Don Mueller were still counting boilers and baseboards. Joe [Sucato] and I asked if we could help and we spent the next two hours counting. When we finished Mr. P said, ‘Let’s go get lunch.’ We thought it was going to be pizza or burgers. Next thing you know, he took us to Steven Steakhouse in Elmhurst on York Road. We sat down and had steaks, side dishes and cocktails. When Joe and I said, ‘Mr. P you don’t have to do this,’ he told us he knew, but we did not to have to stay and help him count, either. He was an amazing man.”


So are all three of you. Congratulations to Tom Mueller, Robert Freeberg, and Steve Warren for becoming Tenured Team Members. Much-deserved and with appreciation from all of us—your Porter Family. Thank you.