Celebrating Al’s Retirement

The retirement of a Porter Pipe team member is always a bittersweet occasion, and after nearly 20 years with our family, Al Pucinelli’s retirement is far from an exception.

Al’s career was built in this industry. When Porter Pipe bought his company, Moison Pipe and Supply, some 19 years ago, we were thrilled for him to join our ranks as a member of the outside sales team. There, he shared in years and years of memories and milestones, contributing to the ongoing success of our company as it grew and became the business it is today. Al has always been an outstanding member of our team, pulling more than his weight in hard work and customer satisfaction. In 2018, we’re happy to say that Al had his best year with the company yet—the perfect way to end his career on an incredibly high note.

Retiring at 80 years old, Al intends to spend his newfound free time with his wife, Bea. Together, they plan to travel overseas and enjoy quality time with their growing family. While we will miss Al as a friend and teammate, he will always remain a member of the Porter Pipe family, leaving his mark on our company and our hearts.

Thank you, Al, for years and years of your incredible service to our company and our customers!