CALEFFI DIRTMAG® 2-In-1 Dirt and Magnetic Separators—Order Today


Call your local Porter Pipe & Supply branch today to place your order for the CALEFFI DIRTMAG® 2-In-1 Dirt and Magnetic Separators. DIRTMAG removes non-ferrous debris as small as 5 microns from systems. Ferrous debris forms in systems when iron or steel corrodes. This abrasive, extremely fine sediment is difficult to remove by traditional methods and can cause damage to heat exchangers and circulators. 


DIRTMAG® accomplishes 2.5x the ferrous oxide removal performance compared to other dirt separators, delivering up to 100% elimination efficiency. 



  • Low-velocity zone and large dirt capture area
  • Robust mesh construction
  • Powerful neodymium rare-earth magnets
  • Clip-on magnetic ring and convenient purge valve
  • Top access port
  • Corrosion resistant


CALEFFI DIRTMAG® 2-In-1 Dirt and Magnetic Separators—available now at your local Porter Pipe branch. Place your order today!