Boom Trucks Built for Your Tallest Jobs


We’ll be the first to admit: hauling pipe is a heavy job—and hauling it to the upper floors of a building makes it heavy and tricky. The labor required to lift material to high floors is huge, and that means more time, risk and cost involved, too.

Lucky for our customers, Porter Pipe operators are licensed to lift supplies within Chicago city limits. Our boom trucks are built to lift up to 5,400 lbs. from bed to ground and 1,000 lbs. from bed to 70 vertical feet. For Key Construction Group, whose crew was working on Rush Copley Medical Center recently, our boom truck capabilities made all the difference on the job.

“I just have to give credit where credit is due,” said Phil Haake of Key Construction Group. “The boom truck saved the day—saved us a few man days of labor humping pipe up to the fourth floor.”



The proof is in the photos—our boom truck turned days of tough material handling into a streamlined, one-day process, and that’s not something we take for granted. Helping our customers build America safely and efficiently, while also saving them money, is always our goal at Porter Pipe. We love hearing about how our products and services have transformed our customers’ workdays, and we’re proud that our fleet of boom trucks could help bring success to this Key Construction Group project.