All Your Commercial Lochinvar Solutions, All in One Place


When you’re on the job site, having easy access to solutions can be the key to being on budget and on track. We carry a wide range of Lochinvar solutions, from commercial water heaters to storage tanks, so you can find the product you need with the service and delivery from us that helps you stay productive and on schedule.

Innovative Lochinvar Products from Our Warehouse


Commercial Storage Tanks


  • Glass-lined
  • Jacketed and insulated
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Asme Section IV Construction
  • 5-year limited warranty


Commercial Gas Volume Water Heaters


Armor Water Heater:

  • 96% thermal efficiency
  • Can match one or more water heaters with one or more storage tanks
  • Inputs ranging from 125,000 to 1,500,000


Power-Fin Water Heater:

  • 85% thermal efficiency
  • 5:1 burner turndown ratio
  • Precisely matches firing rate to domestic water load requirements
  • Better overall efficiency and less cycling


Copper-Fin Water Heater:

  • Copper-Fin: 81% thermal efficiency
  •  Copper-Fin II: 85% thermal efficiency
  • Advanced fan assisted combustion
  • Hot surface ignition
  • Gasketless copper finned tube heat exchanger
  • Inputs ranging from 399,000 to 2,070,000


Commercial Gas Tank Type Water Heaters


Shield Water Heater:

  • Best-in-class innovation from Lochinvar
  • Inputs up to 500,000 Btu/hr
  • 100% effective defense against lime scale buildup
  • 5:1 burner modulation


Charger Water Heater:

  • Gas fired, tank type water heaters
  • Ease of installation
  • Low stand-by loss


Lochinvar Products Delivered by Our Fully Equipped Fleet


With Lochinvar products delivered from our boom truck fleet, you can get the materials you need, exactly where you need them. Our boom trucks can lift up to 5400 lbs. of inventory from bed to ground and our Super Boom can lift up to 1000 lbs. of materials to heights up to 70 vertical feet, saving you time and keeping your job site safe.

Call today to learn how Lochinvar can make a difference on your job site or place an order via our online Storefront.