Your title is unrelated when it comes to what makes you apart of the Porter Pipe & Supply family.

It’s no surprise that within this company, that “family feel” that everyone loves continues each day by us all treating every role, no matter the position, the exact same.

Many members of the team even say the message is clear without saying anything.


“The feeling you get when you walk into this facility is a distinct energy” – Chris Eisenmann, Senior Operations Manager.


It’s been said that Porter Pipe’s dedication to instill a unique, beautiful culture is unexplainable–you just have to experience it for yourself. Most of us spend a large percentage of our time at work and with co-workers… so why shouldn’t the environment you work in have a mission to making you and other team members feel comfortable, productive and apart of a family that feels like your own?

From tenured team members to those just joining, the response to a desired culture as Porter’s makes any career choice decisions an easy one.

Want to feel like family at the workplace? Join us, we have room for you!

Visit our Culture page to see the culture we’ve built plus all current open positions.