A Winning Porter Pipe Truck at the Pinewood Derby


A Porter Pipe delivery truck is the best on the road, and thanks to JT Mueller, it’s also the best in the Cub Scouts’ Pinewood Derby.

Delivery Pro Tom Mueller has been with Porter Pipe for over 30 years, and his father, Donald Mueller, had a longstanding history as a team member as well. So, when Tom’s eight-year-old son, JT, learned that his Cub Scout Pack 140 was entering the Pinewood Derby, he knew right away he wanted to build his dad’s Porter Pipe truck.

This came as no surprise to the team members that know JT personally. “JT himself often stops by Porter to visit employees, grab a slushie and say hi to the birds,” said JT’s mother. “Everyone at Porter makes you feel like family, especially the Porters themselves. So what better way to show JT’s love than a replica of the truck that his dad drives every day?”

With some design help from his uncle, JT’s derby car was transformed into his dad’s Porter Pipe truck, a true honor for everyone at Porter Pipe. Our proudest moment came at the Pinewood Derby competition, when JT’s Porter Pipe truck zoomed to first place in his age group and ninth place overall out of 60+ total participants.

When we talk about valuing our Porter Pipe family, that extends to the families of all our hardworking team members. We’re thrilled that JT wanted to represent his father and our company at the Pinewood Derby and even more thrilled that his truck won first place. You’re a champ JT, and thanks to your amazing truck, today we feel like champions too.