A Limited-Time Offer for First-Time PorterFab Customers

Pre-fabbing in a fully stocked PVF house certainly seems like a NO BRAINER, right?! 

On March 31, we hosted some of our customer partners to unveil the revamped rental fabrication stall space and offerings from our sister company, PorterFab Solutions, as well as the newest hanger product from our friends at Gripple USA. 

Our sister company, PorterFab Solutions, offers state-of-the-art rental fab stalls that are sure to maximize your fabrication output and overall productivity.

Single stall rentals are 40×40 and located inside of our Addison HQ facility, which can be outfitted with everything you need to get your next pre-fab job completed. Imagine eliminating material handling all together…with PorterFab we have your piping materials, consumables, gasses, etc. in-house and our service professionals will deliver your order directly to your stall. Then, better yet, when your job is complete, we will load the material on our trucks and deliver to your project for you at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! This cuts out a lot of material handling time, and TIME IS MONEY! 

To prove to you how serious we are in the value this will bring to your next pre-fab project, for a limited time only, we’re offering first-time PorterFab users a single rental stall at no charge for one month. We’re confident you’ll find value utilizing PorterFab Solutions as an avenue for maximizing fabrication output and overall productivity. After all, being busy is important, but being productive is even more so.

Click the link below to learn more about PorterFab and reach out to 630.359.2490 to secure your space today!