The Best Delivery Fleet in the Industry

We take great pride in our delivery fleet, and with good reason, it’s the best in the industry! We can handle all your double-random needs with our own tractor-trailer flatbeds.

Porter Pipe & Supply Delivery

Fleet Highlights

  • 3 Kenworth T-600 Tractor/Trailers 65,000 G.V.W.
  • 4 Tandem rear pipe haul 55,000 G.V.W.
  • 7 Single rear pipe haul 33,000 G.V.W.
  • 1 F-450 SuperDuty Pickup with rack 14,500 G.V.W.
  • 26 Mobile warehouse trailers
  • All trucks are owned by Porter Pipe
  • 6 trucks with boom cranes
  • All truck drivers employed by Porter Pipe
  • All trucks washed every night – no exceptions
  • All trucks are waxed every 60 days
  • All trucks on tight maintenance schedules

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Delivery Tracking System

dq_logoAll of our trucks are equipped with the DQ Technologies GPS Tracking System, the most advanced and interactive fleet automation system available on the market today. This system shows the exact location, direction of travel, and speed of our trucks at all times.

Porter Pipe & Supply chose DQ Technologies because they are a proven leader in the industry. This delivery tracking system provides us with accurate delivery and scheduling information that helps us to more effectively manage daily logistical operations for our customers.

In addition, we’ve also taken steps to ensure delivery effectiveness by…

  • Equipping all of our drivers with mobile phones
  • Ensuring our trucks pull out of our locations daily at 5:00 am sharp
  • North-South coverage using routes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Gary, Indiana
  • East-West coverage using routes from the Chicago Loop to Morris, Illinois
  • Ensuring that our drivers willing and able to assist with unloading (they are not bound to strict tailgate delivery)